The Yorkshire and Humber “From Functional to Fabulous Strategy” was developed over a year and launched in September 2018 at our annual conference. We spoke to service users and staff at many different events and workshops to develop the main themes and the vision for the 5 years that the strategy covers.

The vision is to have a Network that everyone knows about and which leads the way in best practice, working with Service Users, Staff and Organisations to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard. We aim to deliver the best outcomes for all to make things more efficient across the care pathway.

We will keep the strategy alive by regularly evaluating our engagement which will enable us to continually update and refresh the strategy. This will ensure that the strategy has a positive impact on everyone’s experience. The graphic below was produced for us by Imagineer and is a ‘strategy on a page’ to make it accessible to all.

Vision To have a Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network that everyone knows about and which leads the way in best practice by 2023
Mission We will achieve this by growing and improving the Network in line with the stated aspirations as outlined below in 3 key areas.
Service Users We will empower service users and ensure their voices are heard, which will positively impact on service improvement as well as individual experiences and recovery journeys
Staff We will listen to staff members ideas, support them to deliver the best service user outcomes, empower them to deliver service improvements and support job satisfaction.
Organisations Through moving the organisations higher up the level of involvement, through collaboration and delivery of the above service users and staff outcomes, we will achieve efficiencies across the care pathways.
Evaluation We aim to use a number of different evaluation tools to measure how Involvement is impacting on service improvement and service user and staff experience,  as well as the Networks role in this. These will be used throughout; to enable us to continually update and refresh the strategy alongside the engagement plans. The annual report will detail these measures and their impact.
Values Collaboration. Hope. Encouragement. Empowerment. Respect. Support. Fun = CHEERS + Fun.
The Network promotes respect. Everybody is encouraged and empowered to work collaboratively. The Network is supportive and delivers fun for all.


“Gives hope and inspiration” “You learn more from failure than success” “Socialise and meet people” “Do what makes you happy and smile” Ensure the meetings are a way for people to find out what is happening, be able to ask questions, and feedback to commissioners. Commissioners to be present as a direct link at all […]


“Opportunities to have a say on our services” “Service users from other services have been inspired by this network, and have increased their own engagement in the hospital” “Listening to people’s stories gives me hope” Ensure there is a variety of ways for people to choose to engage with the Network meetings – Sharing best […]

Mindset & Culture Change

“The Network helps drive changes in the hospitals, and culture through sharing best practice” “The Network promotes respect” “A great opportunity to hear what other hospitals are doing and to share our own initiatives and projects with others” Learn and develop better ways to involve people in service development, including staff – through the use […]

Support to Deliver Outcomes

“The Network gives us courage to champion change – we are a body of people with a common goal who help each other be the best we can be” CQUINs – Ensure that commissioners complete CQUIN assessments with services in a creative and inclusive way. Ensure there is a communication channel with NHS England around […]