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Network Meetings

The Yorkshire and Humber Network meetings are for services to share best practice through presentations and workshop style groups. This is a regular agenda, with the group work and presentations changing each time.

Currently these meetings are being held virtually, so they are slightly different to the face-to-face ones in terms of format, with less group style work as this is more difficult in this virtual format, however we are looking at different ways to ensure that everyone’s voices are still represented within the meetings.

An agenda will be sent out nearer the time. This meeting will focus on the theme of Involvement  this mirrors the current schedule for services completing the SeQuIn Tool this year. Please get in touch if you would like to present!

In non Covid times The Network meetings take place quarterly in a community venue which is central within Yorkshire and Humber.

The quarterly Yorkshire and Humber Network meetings are for services to share best practice through presentations and workshop style groups. There is a regular agenda, with the group work and presentations changing each time

Our Strategy plans to get services more involved in delivering the group work elements of the meeting as well as ensuring presentations have more service user involvement and are accessible to everyone who attends. Group work slots are a great opportunity for services to get involved in a different way to gain rich information from the group about any initiative they may be working on. It is also another way for service users to get involved in delivering the agenda without having to present. More services are now taking advantage of this opportunity which works really well.
We always have a fun team building agenda item delivered by a different service each time. This is a fun way for services to get involved in delivering the agenda, as well as getting everyone working together to achieve the task set. These are often a highlight of the meeting and really help to ensure the energy keeps high in the room and people remain focussed and engaged.
Imagineer have been coming to the Network meetings since our first Annual Conference in 2016! They are regular attendees at the annual conferences as well as the Network meetings. They are a real asset to the meetings providing a clear visual summary of each element of the meeting that people can then take away with them at the end, as well as to use in the Newsletters.
Our latest introduction to the Network meeting has been the Just Vote Pads – these enable us to get anonymous feedback in a fun and interactive way about a variety of issues and get results in real time.

More information about all of these meetings, including the presentations and group work can be found in the Newsletters that can be accessed via the following links:

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