Provider Collaborative Meetings

Yorkshire and Humber has 3 Provider Collaboratives that are detailed below. We hold quarterly Engagement Events with each of these, with the meetings take place in a community venue which is within each of these areas.

The quarterly Engagement Events are for the Provider Collaboratives to share progress and developments with the services – both service users and staff – and to work collaboratively with them to further progress and develop these plans as they work towards the date when they will go live. These meetings and events will continue after the Provider Collaboratives are fully up and running and will continue to share best practice across these Networks through presentations and workshop style groups. These groups are a formal part of the governance structure for each of the Provider Collaboratives.

We initially carried out engagement events service users and staff within each Provider Collaborative on specific themes;

Humber Coast and Vale looked at Pathways

West Yorkshire and Harrogate looked at Community Provision

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw looked at Transitions

More information about all of these meetings and events, including the presentations and group work can be found in the Newsletters and Engagement Report links that can be accessed under each of the 3 Collaboratives:

Humber Coast and Vale

Humber Coast and Vale Engagement Newsletter 6

Humber Coast and Vale Engagement Newsletter 5

Humber Coast and Vale Engagement Newsletter 4

Humber Coast and Vale Engagement Newsletter 3

Humber Coast and Vale Engagement Newsletter 2 

Humber Coast and Vale Engagement Newsletter 1

HC&V Pathways Engagement Report

West Yorkshire and Harrogate

WY&H Community Provision Engagement Report

West Yorkshire Engagement Newsletter 3

West Yorkshire Engagement Newsletter 2

West Yorkshire Engagement Newsletter 1

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw

SY&B Transitions Engagement Report

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Engagement Newsletter 1