“Do staff have mobile phones on the wards with them whilst at work or are they locked away – are these locked away off the ward or in separate office spaces? If they are able to have them on the wards, what policies/procedures are in place to manage this?”

Staff aren’t allowed to have mobile phones on the wards therefore they keep them in offices/lockers/staff room. Cygnet Bierley, Respondent 1

Lockers are provided for staff in the staff room – staff are asked to not take mobile phones onto the wards. Random searches are conducted to check for phones on the wards. Staff have explained that they don’t feel safe leaving their property in the staff rooms which is to be reviewed further however as a rule we ask that staff do not take phones onto the wards. Waterloo Manor

On the low secure ward, I manage we do not allow staff to have their personal phones on the ward. They are locked in a locker in the staff room where they can access them on their breaks. Cygnet Sheffield

Mobile phones are a restricted item for all staff, they are not allowed through the air lock into the secure area. Staff have to leave them in their cars, we do have a limited amount of storage within our security lodge for staff who use public transport. staff are not allowed their phones on the ward or within the secure area. Stockton Hall

Here at Forest Lodge whilst we encourage staff to take their mobile phone with them on leaves etc. we do not allow mobile phones on the ward. Staff are asked to lock this away in their lockers etc. They are able to take a call in the office if required. Forest Lodge, Respondent 1

We ask staff not to use their mobile phones on the ward, instead we ask staff to keep them in their bags or personal drawers. Forest Lodge, Respondent 2

Staff do not have mobile phones on the ward, and breeching this will initiate management review by the Ward Manager, and restrictions may be issued. Mobiles should be kept in lockers, and if there is the possibility where family may need to contact a parent or relative, then information relating to ward phones can be provided for personal use. Moorlands View

Staff are not permitted to have their mobile phones with them on the wards (low and medium secure). We have staff lockers near reception, which allows staff to store their phones and any other personal belongings until the end of their shift. We have also set up a “quiet” room which is past the airlock but not within the internal perimeter or ward areas, this space provides phone lockers which staff can lock their phones away whilst on shift but allowing them to check their phones during their breaks without leaving the perimeter. Roseberry Park, Respondent 1

In Ridgeway staff are unable to take their mobile phones into the secure perimeter. Although this increases the security on site, limited access to mobile phones can impact on staff wellbeing (for some staff). We are keen to learn from other secure services what policies/procedures are put in place to safely manage staff having access to their phones on site. Roseberry Park, Respondent 2

No at Cygnet Hospital Bierley they must be locked away in lockers. Work phones are provided for escorts. Cygnet Bierley, Respondent 2

We are medium secure. We don’t allow personal mobiles onto the wards at all. They can be kept in lockers in reception or left in vehicles where staff can come and access them on their breaks. Wathwood, Respondent 1

We are strictly no personal mobile phones to be taken into clinical areas, staff found to have their mobile would be disciplinary. We have lockers in reception area for personal belongings and mobiles, this also includes smart watches. This includes staff/contractors/ visitors etc. Wathwood, Respondent 2

Mobile phones are banned items for all staff whilst on clinical ward areas within Newton Lodge, medium secure service. They tend to be stored in staff lockers situated off ward areas whilst on duty. They can only be used in non-clinical areas such as locker rooms or staff rest rooms. Mobile phone access is controlled under our banned items policy. It highlights that disciplinary action may follow where this mandate is not followed. Newton Lodge, Respondent 1

Staff are not permitted to have phones on ward areas under any circumstances and are expected to keep them locked away off the ward in lockers provided. This is on the basis of security and unauthorised access/loss of these items. Newton Lodge, Respondent 2

We do not allow staff to bring mobile phones into the workplace. They are not permitted through the airlock. North Lincs

Our policy states that we should not have our mobiles on the ward. They should be place into the staff members lockers. Moorlands View

Staff are not permitted to take phones on the ward but can leave them in a locked area accessible from the ward office. Staff are asked to give the ward phone number to school/ nursery/ hospital etc if emergency contact is required and are supported to check their phone more regularly if there is a specific problem. Some agencies tell their staff to use their phone for observations instead of a watch. We provide fob watches. Forest Lodge, Respondent 3