There are 3 Provider Collaboratives within the Yorkshire and Humber region. We hold Engagement Events within Humber Coast and Vale and within West Yorkshire. These meetings are currently taking place virtually via Microsoft Teams.
These Engagement Events are for Provider Collaboratives to share progress and developments with the services – both service users and staff – and to work collaboratively with them to further progress and develop these plans. These meetings and events share best practice across these Networks through presentations and workshop style groups. These groups are a formal part of the governance structure for each of the Provider Collaboratives.

West Yorkshire Provider Collaborative Newsletters

West Yorkshire Engagement Event Newsletter 11
Welcome to West Yorkshire Provider Collaborative Event Newsletter 10: This edition features the slides & conversation from the virtual event in January 2024; including Commissioning Hub updates, news from the Yorkshire & Humber Involvement Network and your West Yorkshire Round Robin slides celebrating all the fantastic things happening in services over the festive period..
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West Yorkshire Engagement Newsletter 10
Welcome to West Yorkshire Provider Collaborative Event Newsletter 10: this edition features the slides & conversation from the virtual Event in September 2023; including Provider Collaborative and Commissioning Hub updates, a look at the Community Workstream progress and an introduction to the Friends, Family and Carer Role. There are some technology workshops upcoming to #GetInvolved with as well as a Christmas Competition. More information can be found inside. Thank you for reading.
West Yorkshire Involvement Summary
The Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network (YHIN) have supported the West Yorkshire Adult Secure Provider Collaborative (WY PC) from their inception to ensure service user, staff and carer voice and experience is heard, embedded and actioned within WY PC decision making, future planning and workstreams. From the beginnings of the WY PC, we have used this model to create a WY PC Network, bringing together the local services to support communication and delivery of the WY PC aims and objectives. Our Involvement Leads have also supported the growth of involvement strategy, systems and processes into the PC and held a focus around Quality by attending key meetings.
Within this report we hope to briefly summarise the involvement progress during 2022/2023 and highlight priorities for action in 2023/2024
West Yorkshire PREM Newsletter April 2023
West Yorkshire commissioned a Task and Finish group to explore the best ways to capture and act on service user experience. In November 2022 a Task and Finish Group with staff representation of all providers and key stakeholders was created. Literature and best practice nationally and regionally was reviewed. An initial questionnaire to capture the priorities and preferences of service users was designed and sent via Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network Distribution List. The data from this questionnaire was analysed and helped create workshops and meeting agenda. It was decided to hold an in person meeting at Sandal RUFC (with virtual option) for service users and staff to give their thoughts on the process and findings before recommendations were made. This meeting was our first in-person since Covid and attendance was high, as was the energy in the room and appetite to do some work!
West Yorkshire Engagement Newsletter 9
This meeting took place virtually in March 2022. We heard from services about their SeQuIn Tool action plans and progress in a round robin. We heard about how the SeQuIn Tool data and narrative is also used by the Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network and the West Yorkshire Provider Collaborative to make improvements. We asked you your views on Technology and shared ideas for a project. We were also able to view some amazing artwork and announce the competition winner!
West Yorkshire Engagement Newsletter 8
This meeting took place virtually in December 2022. We had an update from the Provider Collaborative about quality, and we welcomed Amanda Barker as lead for the Community Work stream to run a virtual workshop to find out what you all think would make a good community service and looked at what support would help with transition.
West Yorkshire Engagement Newsletter 7
This meeting took place virtually in September 2022. We welcomed Steven Dilks to the Provider Collaborative, had a virtual workshop, heard from 2 National Service User Awards (NSUA) finalists from West Yorkshire and then heard from you all in the Round Robin.