Imagineer and The Big Picture Graphic Facilitation

Who are Imagineer and The Big Picture Graphic Facilitation?

Imagineer is a passionate and creative community interest company in the North of England, with a strong national reach and respected reputation for helping organisations, individuals and families to live fulfilling lives; contributing to a fairer society. Imagineer is also the parent company of The Big Picture Graphic Facilitation. The Big Picture Graphic Facilitation is a Graphic Facilitation service, providing creative and engaging graphics to represent information that is shared.

Originally Imagineer used Graphic Facilitation in Person Centred Planning Sessions with individuals who wanted to take control over their lives and support needs using self-direction. Since then, Imagineer and The Big Picture has identified that Graphic Facilitation is a very flexible tool and can be used in a range of different ways. As Graphic Facilitators, they create a colourful and meaningful visual display using words and images that people can relate to.

When a meeting, conference or event is Graphic Recorded, everyone present can see what is being drawn in real time. Those present start to become enthusiastic, motivated, and involved which then leads them to see colourful and vibrant solutions and ideas. They can see immediately that their contributions are being heard. This then builds people’s commitment to the course of direction agreed.

The Graphic Facilitation creates a greater focus on the conversation, builds ownership of the plan and ideas which leads to good decisions being made. It also helps everyone present to think creatively and stay interested and focused.

How The Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network have got Imagineer and The Big Picture Involved:

Since our partnership with Imagineer and The Big Picture Graphic Facilitation began, we have worked together on several projects, such as:

• The Annual Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network Conferences (2016, 2017 and 2018)

• The Big Picture have also attended our Quarterly Involvement meetings at Sandal Rugby Club and Virtually through the covid pandemic.

• Creating the Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Networks 5-year Strategy

• Illustrated the graphics for a video called “The Service Users Guide to Occupational Therapy in a Forensic Setting”


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