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Here you will find out about all the services we provide through Graphic Recording.
Graphic Recording has many different names; Graphic facilitation, Visual facilitation and Scribing among many others.

But how can graphic recording help you?
Graphics are an engaging, memorable and effective way of recording what is shared, discussed and decided during a meeting or event.
Graphic Recording is an approach utilised by forward-thinking organisations and groups. In particular those who are interested and invested in offering a productive and engaging work-place event or experience. Utilising graphic recording demonstrates how the organisation or group values the people that work within the organisation or the partners or people that they work alongside.
As Graphic Recorders, we create a colourful and meaningful visual display using words and images that people can relate to.
When a meeting, conference or event is Graphic Recorded everyone present can see what is being recorded in real time. They can see immediately that their contributions are being heard. This visual recording creates a greater focus on the conversation, builds ownership of the plan and leads to good decisions being made. Graphics help everyone think creatively and stay interested and focused.
A visual record helps people to remember what has been said at the meeting or even for a long time after the event has taken place. Those present start to open up the right side of their brain and begin to see colourful and vibrant solutions and ideas.

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