We recently had our first big “in person” event since before Covid – The Big Get Together at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park! The event was a big success and you can read all about it by following the links below!

Go to our Conference page to read all about The Big Get Together Event here!

The event Newsletter is also now available – Click here to read all about it

Who We Are

Welcome to the Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network website!

The Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network brings together service users and staff from 15 different secure services that include NHS and private organisations providing low and medium secure care. The Network is about sharing best practice, service improvement, and collaborative working to improve the experience and quality of support that people receive.


What we do - Strategy

The 5 year Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Strategy 2018 – 2023 “From Functional to Fabulous” brought together the 4 main themes of the work of the Network which are Engagement, Motivation, Mindset and Culture Change and Support to Deliver Outcomes. The strategy was developed by all the stakeholders in the Network to think about a vision for the Network to be truly fabulous!

A lot has changed in the last two years with Covid that has had a huge impact on our strategic direction! A lot of this impact has been positive and has brought our work to focus a lot more on the Provider Collaborative workstreams, as well as more specific Project Work and of course all of the virtual engagement events that we now hold.

Due to this our strategy is currently being re-visited to encompass everything that the Network covers in this new world as we all “recover” from Covid. Watch this space…


Our Team

Hi there! We are the team that brings together the Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network. Our team works with service users, staff and commissioners to continually engage and sustain the Network to ensure it is proactive, motivating and fun. We come together as a team with our different skills and abilities which ensures that we all bring something fresh and creative to the Network. We use evidence based practice as well as innovative methods to generate ideas and ensure we are productive. We strive to do this in accessible and inventive ways.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

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