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The Recovery and Outcomes Groups were set up to support the implementation of My Shared Pathway in 2012. Every secure unit was encouraged through the CQUIN scheme to form Recovery and Outcomes Groups within their service to help roll out My Shared Pathway and to increase the recovery focus of their work. It was also hoped that these groups would help drive the introduction of clearer outcomes for service users as described by My Shared Pathway.

These local Recovery and Outcomes Groups are made up of multidisciplinary staff, managers and service users and worked alongside existing service user involvement groups. They have been instrumental to the success of My Shared Pathway in many services and have made a real difference to the recovery focus of secure care.

At the same time, a network of nine regional Recovery and Outcomes Groups were set up to further support services to develop a greater recovery focus and to provide a way for services to come together and share best practice. Originally focused on My Shared Pathway in 2012, since then the groups have showcased recovery-focused initiatives, discussed a range of recovery and outcomes focused topics and have fed into national work in secure care.

The regional Recovery and Outcomes Groups have continued to go from strength to strength and are now part of Rethink Mental Illness. In most regions there is attendance from every secure service in that geographical area. The Groups meet every quarter, usually at a secure unit but sometimes in a community venue. There are almost always presentations by service users – which are usually the highlight of the meetings! Lasting for two and a half hours and held in the afternoon with lunch included, there is also always time for small group discussion and feedback.

These regional Recovery and Outcomes Groups feed in to a national Steering Group and also the work of the Clinical Reference Groups. They have been involved in the development of CQUINs and have provided feedback for the national Smoking Cessation and Restricted Items projects. You can find out more about the work of the national sub-groups in the Recovery and Outcomes pages along with details of when and where the Groups meet. We look forward to seeing you there!

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