“Our hospital adheres to a set ‘hot’ water temperature of 63 degrees for water flasks to prevent risk incidents. Service users find the temperature isn’t warm enough. Do other services have set water temperatures?”
We do have set temperatures on the ward. However, those patients whose risk is significantly reduced can have it risk assessed and care planned to access hot water in a flask from the kettle. They must keep this in their bedroom and not walk through the ward with it. Or take it out on leave with them. Cygnet Sheffield
We now use hot water geysers. Our temp is set at 92, as by the time you add cold milk it will bring the temperature down even more. We have never had any incidents of hot water scolding anyone. Forest Lodge, Respondent 1
All geysers in our trust are set to 92 degrees which our health and safety staff have assured might smart but will not cause permanent skin damage. Forest Lodge, Respondent 2