I am hoping to try and find out what the social work provision is for other hospitals, e.g. how many social workers for how many patients?
We are a medium secure hospital with 3.6 social workers, they each carry a case load of approximately 20 – 24 dependent upon ADC. Stockton Hall Hospital
We have 6 people in post for a 90 bed service in MSU. Newton Lodge
We have 3.4 WTE social workers for up to 78 patients that is inclusive of the social worker manager. Wathwood Hospital
Might already be known but in case it isn’t, the NHSE MSU service spec doesn’t state how many social workers per patient. I have just checked the royal college of psychiatry forensic quality network standards don’t either. Case Manager with West Yorkshire Provider Collaborative
Forensic Mental health at Lynfield Mount do not have a social worker. Moorlands View