“Humber inpatient secure (medium and low) are keen to know if other providers employ/use art therapy or other creative therapies. If so, what is their experience of these roles.”
At the Newsam centre we have a music therapist that visits once a week. His sessions are truly amazing and worthwhile, and our service users report to gain a lot from them! Newsam Centre
We don’t use art therapy, but we do have Music Therapy 2 days a week. Moorlands View, Respondent 1
Music therapy – low secure. Invaluable way of offering a way to express self in a non-verbal way. They are instrumental! Couldn’t help the pun hahah. Moorlands View, Respondent 2
Unfortunately not. An art therapist did work in the service many years ago but this post was part of a cost improvement programme and phased out. Newton Lodge