Jo Harris

Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Lead

Hi I’m Jo and I have worked in the team for many years. I love working in this service as it is dynamic and the work we do changes regularly in our quest to support and challenge service improvement and development.

I have lived experience as well as I trained to be a mental health nurse some time ago. I have worked in lots of strategic involvement lead roles in services and in commissioning, and this has been influenced by working with the Involvement Network.

The skills I bring to the team are around my personal and professional experience working in involvement roles for over 25 years, I love mentoring and coaching others as well as using Motivational Maps as a resource to measure, monitor, and improve energy and wellbeing for individuals, teams and organisations. I work locally, regionally and nationally to ensure we influence what is happening in the lived experience movement, and ensure the work we are doing is what continues to be useful for everyone we work with.

I love working with the Network as it is a relational movement in itself, which allows collaborative learning opportunities – for everyone to bring and take different things away which means something personal to them. I very much look forwards to seeing how our service develops going forwards.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower” Alexander Den Heijer