This blog has been written by Sophie - a service user from Waterloo Manor. She wrote this based on a project that she worked on to raise money and awareness for Black History month

Ah January… the time of year we like to make resolutions or false promises to ourselves that last roughly 2 weeks. I can confirm I dieted for a week and then have eaten 3 Kit Kats a day since to make up for it. *sighs*

Getting healthy is a really tough! The pressure of January and the launch of ludicrous regimes is not always the best way to mentally get prepared for setting health goals.

I have found really helpful advice from the fitness chef and it to be really inspiring… the basic message is losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated, you can still eat the food you love, just be mindful of your intake. You can find his myth busting funny videos all over social media. I can’t 100% say I have been motivated to action yet, but I feel more educated around food and less guilty in what I eat (slowly undoing all the January’s of the past and the mantras of fad diets that never did work!)

The best place to go is to someone with knowledge, like actual fact based, scientific know how, who is trained in health and well-being, not someone trying to make a quick buck or preying on your desire for the quick win (the old Peter Kay joke… ‘lost 14 stone in a day’)

Ask to speak to a Dietician or a GP to get you on your way, see how your team can support you. There is strength in numbers too, people can keep you motivated.

The NHS has some great Apps and online help… Lose weight – Better Health – NHS (

In services it is difficult to choose healthy options when menus are set, choices are limited, and food is only available at set times of the day.

Food can also be really uninspiring meaning you crave other delicious treats instead, food can also be a comfort when emotions are strong, and one of the only things you have choice and control in.

We often hear that food is not up to expectations in services and is probably one of the biggest themes that people complain about.

It is a really important topic, it fuels us, it makes us happy, it happens multiple times every day.

Did you know there are standards that have been set around food in hospitals by NHSE…?

NHS England » National standards for healthcare food and drink

Definitely food for thought!

I am wishing everyone a healthy new year, whether you are ready to make a  healthy change now or not, remember support is available throughout the year, health is for life, not just January!