“We’re in a low secure male service and just looking at a policy around patients managing their own bank accounts where patients have capacity to do so. What policies do other services have in place to manage the security aspect of patients having access to large amounts of money whilst residing in secure care?” 
This is just something we have been reviewing as patients with capacity can open bank accounts and we can support them to do so, sometimes needing to provide letter to confirm identity as not all have docs. So just work within the MCA policy. We do also have a property inventory and so try to note as ‘property’ what is coming into the hospital but realised this can be challenging if patients are drawing monies out on leave and putting in their own safe, so instead we are now just rolling out a contract around patients having their own monies at their own risk at site. They can have what they want in their own safe but off the top of my head there is a limit to what can be kept in the ward safe. Cygnet Bierley
We have patients who manage their own monies too. We encourage and support service users to have a savings account set up and offer budgeting workshops regularly. We offer support to purchase shopping online too as this helps to monitor what they are buying as well as how much they are spending and how often. Itineraries also cover this. As they are adults and have capacity, I understand how difficult this can be when we are trying to work in their best interest as well as supporting the individual who is vulnerable. Waterloo Manor
We do not have any specific policies or standard operational procedures around patients having their own bank accounts. We actively encourage patients to have their own bank accounts, the only ones who do not are detained prisoners. Patients who we assess as being vulnerable, we will ask them to keep their bank cards in the ward safe. We sometimes put it on as a condition of their Section 17 leave that they cannot take their bank card on leave, especially those at risk of going absent without leave or may use the money to obtain illicit drugs. Many patients use mobile internet banking as well. Forest Lodge
We don’t have a specific policy. Trust policy give broad guidance on the management of patient property and money but not details re the specific management of accounts. It is a thorny area and difficult to monitor I think if you have assessed capacity is impaired then it is probably easier. Many service users have bank accounts in the community and as they are granted further leave, they have access to online and branch accounting. A supportive approach is taken as part of recovery-based interventions to enable a service user to manage their finances safely. Newton Lodge
We actively encourage patients to have their own bank accounts to promote independence and be ready for moving on into the community. Where there are risks or concerns patients may have an individual care plan or leave condition i.e.: bank card to remain in safe, bank card not to be taken on unescorted leave if there is a limit on amount of money to be taken. North Lincs