“The Network helps drive changes in the hospitals, and culture through sharing best practice”

“The Network promotes respect”

“A great opportunity to hear what other hospitals are doing and to share our own initiatives and projects with others”

  • Learn and develop better ways to involve people in service development, including staff – through the use of Individual Engagement Plans
  • PD Strategy work – hold a sequence of events to feedback to PD services in the wider region about the Strategy work with Mark Naylor, ensure everyone is involved in the process and have different ways to feed in and get involved.
  • To become more coordinated in how events are planned, developed, promoted and organised.
  • Involvement roles to include a consultancy style approach, and to be involved with strategic planning within the STP’s and the Network
  • Creating a culture of a 2 way process of feeding in information about what is going on within the service to the Network to share and improve practice
  • feeding back information from the Network about the meeting outcomes to staff and service users within the service to share and improve practice. “
    STP work – Support the innovation and culture change required to develop a new model of care and pathways
  • Build the learning around what goes into a buddying Action Learning Set type process across the Network.
  • Support services with Carer involvement Initiatives, including implementing the Carers Toolkit – possible project group around this.
  • Develop the Network to include non-secure services within the pathway so that staff and service users can continue to be engaged with the Network and the Network can ensure consistency and cohesiveness across the pathway.
  • Develop peer support within the Network.