Warning - watch out for the Cheesy puns!

I wanted to write this blog to mark my return to the team after a strange few years of Covid and family time! Since the start of Covid in 2019 I have been on maternity leave twice and back in between in a strange virtual universe which almost makes it seem like I was never actually back at all, perhaps it was a dream! But now I have fully woken up and I am back to stay! It feels to me like I’ve just woken up and returned at the same time as many of you have come out of Covid hibernation and are also re-emerging back into the world.

A lot is still virtual however we are making plans to be coming into services again, and tentatively dreaming about meeting together more when we can.
So much has progressed in this time despite the difficulties faced by you all – technology has advanced and this has made such a positive difference to helping us all stay in touch and communicate with each other.

The provider collaboratives have formed and gone live and are already 1 year in – happy anniversary!

We’ve had 3 prime minister’s and 2 monarchs! Donald Trump has been banned (and then reinstated) on Twitter. The Home Alone 2 actor was banned 12 days before he stopped being president.
Scientists have revealed That Cheese Isn’t Bad for You! Speaking out against unfounded rumors that cheese is terrible and wants to shorten our lives, one scientist claimed, “There’s almost no evidence that cheese causes weight gain—and in fact, there’s evidence that it’s neutral at worst.” This amazing claim is helping to conquer the stigma that has hounded cheese’s reputation for so long.
You all had a Big Get Together and Cheswold Park won The Big Task! Well done to you all, sorry I missed it, it sounded grate.

Now it is almost 2023 let’s look forward not back, so I’ll end with telling you about our plans for the beginning of next year:

There is a Yorkshire and Humber Roadshow coming to a ward near you in the new year – so watch out for us, and please come and talk to us – we want to hear from you about what you want The Network to provide going forward, just have a chat about anything involvement over a cup of tea, or always happy to talk about anything cheese related too.
Oh and did I mention I quite like cheese? See you in the new year if not before, it will brie grate!
Holly Cade, Involvement Lead for Yorkshire and Humber Network