“Currently, due to the acuteness of the ward, we have had to remove notice boards on Cedar due to the risk. Please could you advise us on how other hospitals share information within the wards other than notice boards or if other hospitals have alternative boards which don’t pose as such a risk.”
We are currently trialling something new on the ward. We have a tablet with a USB loaded with all the relevant posters and information that loops round. We place this in the nursing office facing out so that everyone can see it. Cygnet Sheffield
We had a similar situation on Thornton several years ago and had to share information on the windows of offices, kitchen, and group rooms. These posters could not be damaged or taken as the rooms were either non-service user areas or were under constant supervision. Moorlands View
We have locked cases on some wards and also utilise displays behind office windows where not impeding site lines. Newton Lodge
Had a poorly patient on my ward, who tore down all my noticeboards. We just had to keep putting them back up until the patient recovered. Forest Lodge
Communicating / keeping patients up to date with ‘what’s going on’ ‘events’ ‘activities’ ‘changes’ etc within secure services is challenging. Notice boards are helpful in displaying information and there are ways of displaying information which minimises risks. Whether that’s using: Velcro tabs (opposed to pins), Chalk boards or white boards, Ward Information folder, Digital display screens. (We have display screens on several of our wards in Ridgeway which we upload information which rotates throughout the day). Roseberry Park
Not a quick or cheap solution but on our new acute wards we have Cowlin systems which are basically iPads in a secure case on the wall. They can be used for tv and music but also have the ability to upload information for patients that may have traditionally been on a notice board. North Lincs