We have had a service review this week and a number of issues have come to light. The suggestion is that the ‘community’ meetings which are facilitated by staff do not facilitate service users raising issues regarding issues they may have with staff or the service in general. My question is are there any other models where these meetings are independently facilitated?
Our patients forums are chaired by the patients and we have a script of what they should say/ask and a running order of the agenda, we usually have staff available to support if needed. We have also just appointed a patient to be the secretary for the forum to take the minutes. We always ensure there is more patients than staff and only the staff needed to answer questions attend, advocacy can also help. Wathwood
Yes we find with peoples council were the hospital manager and MDT and other hospitals come together and talk about issues have not been resolved in community meetings it is a high platform for the service users to bring up and all got to our Hospital IG meeting. if you want any information just let me know. I am the positive and safe lead with in Sheffield cygnet hospital so I work on the wards with the patients. I also try and make sure the ward use less restrictive practice. I care the meetings because I am not working on the wards as ward staff so the patient will feel more comfortable talk to me that if they are having issues on the ward. I also invite the CAMHs manager, hospital manager and clinical manager and quality lead with in the hospital.  Cygnet Sheffield
I think it is different across each of our wards depending upon the nature of the patient group, however there tends to be a shared model used.  A staff member may begin the meeting, but the ward rep might be the one who chairs and then asks all staff and patients of any issues they might
like to raise which is then recorded (usually by a patient in a shared communication book).  There are some of the wards whereby the staff may have to have more input but this is the general approach from my experience across different wards, Cheswold Park
Any ‘issues’ with the service usually come through our monthly service user meetings and are addressed there and feedback though community meetings. I’m not sure if specific staff or more urgent issues would perhaps go through ward round or a advocate/complaint. Stockton Hall