I was wondering if you would be able to put the feelers out to other services in the network around patient access to printers for educational and personal use. How do they manage and monitor this and what measures do they take to prevent overuse/misuse?
Access to printers at (for Service Users) is accessed through the Inspire Space (Library), where Service Users can access computers, internet and printers as part of a meaningful activity. No limits, as long as this is part of a structured meaningful engagement or focused on improving their stay at moorlands view. Moorlands View
At Forest Lodge service users who would like things printing (in moderation) are offered this through our OT printer or reception. If a service user is printing excessive amounts we encourage them to purchase their own printer with paper etc (which is currently happening for one service user in particular). If it was for the purpose of education, e.g. workbooks, material, this would be provided. It needs to be weighed up on an individual basis I think, but also have the conversation about being considerate of the environment and whether everything needs printing. Forest Lodge
We have printers attached to the two internet enabled computers here at Bretton Centre. Service users can print off from their sessions if they wish.  Haven’t come across an issue re. large amounts wanting to be printed.  All sessions are supervised. Bretton Centre
Internet sessions – our patients visit the library for internet once a week, they are allowed up to 30 pages per week and encouraged to print in black and white unless there is a specific need for colour. Education – no limit if its within reason and specific for the education session – they are
encouraged to save to usb memory stick rather than printing. Ward based computer/printer.. I will have to get back to you on that one; I do know some patients in the past have purchased their own reams of paper. Wathwood