“Does anyone’s service have bikes for service users to use in the community? What is the procedure for service users using them? Do they need to complete a proficiency course/ test? How are the bikes maintained?”
We have 2 bikes that patients can use, however we’re lucky because we have the bike shack on grounds who service our bikes for us at a discounted price and offer cycling proficiency lessons and assessments for free. We refer any patients to them that have an interest and they have to complete their proficiency before they can use the bikes with staff. Also, any outings have to be planned in advanced, everyone has to wear a helmet and obviously we have to know what route there planning to take. Amber Lodge
We have a number of bikes at Forest Lodge for service users to use on leave. They complete a cycling proficiency test with an OT or a fitness instructor, they sign a document which covers things such as wearing a helmet, staying on bike paths etc. Bikes are maintained by our OT staff in house who are competent with bikes, however Halfords are always an option to use as I think they do free bike checks. Forest Lodge
Lynfield Mount does not have any. We have some electric bikes that the service users use when they go out with the OT. Moorlands View