A few services in the Network are keen to know what other services are doing in terms of wards being able to mix currently. Our understanding from talking to different services is that some are allowed to mix wards in certain situation and hold meetings such as Recovery College or Involvement Forums face to face perhaps with limited numbers etc, whereas others are still not able to mix wards in any way. We would really appreciate it if you could let us know the current agreements within your services for ward mixing so that we can get an idea of what this is looking like across Y&H.


At this time we are not allowing formally cross ward mixing both within the building and without. However we are aware that SUs are meeting up whilst using unescorted S17 leave. Bretton Centre
We are still unable to ward mix and can only do groups outside like walking.  Having a real impact on the delivery of therapy because everything needs to be 1:1 so capacity to see more service users is reduced.  We keep checking with our IPC but nothing has changed. Bretton Centre
We are mixing wards at Wathwood, Maintaining social distancing. Hand hygiene. Weekly individual PCR testing and encouraging the wearing of face coverings. Wathwood
Our situation is in flux, just in the process of seeing whether we have to go back to not mixing. Moorlands View
We are still not doing ward mixing in our service. We have had some wards with positive cases, so are still cautious. Newton Lodge
At Cheswold we are currently allowing mixing of wards other than males/females together however that is not due to covid. If there is a ward with a case of covid this ward is locked down and has no access to the off ward activities and therefore does not mix with other wards to reduce the risk spreading. Cheswold