“Does any unit uses allow patients to use air fresheners in their bedrooms. Not the plug in’s or sprays but other types?”
Patients can use any kind of freshener in their bedroom. This is discussed and agreed in ward round and forms part of their daily risk assessment and care plans. Cygnet Sheffield


We looked at this at Wathwood a couple of years ago and the only ones we allow are the cardboard car air freshener as we could not find anything non-toxic, just about all carried either a fire warning or risk if ingested. The little tree ones are popular, and we purchase them off amazon and sell in our patients shop. Wathwood


I have not heard this formally come up; I am guessing the gel types in plastic triangle. They don’t formally appear on controlled items lists so may be subject to individual risk assessment. Newton Lodge


We have one patient who has a solid air freshener, and he knows he is not allowed to take it out of this room. Amber Lodge


Yes unless there was an individual risk. Cygnet Bierley


We don’t have anyone with air fresheners in their room. We allow them to have aerosol air fresheners in their controlled item which they can spray in their room and return. I am also aware that we have previously had the stand-up air fresheners from the supermarket in some supervised areas. Humber Centre


The only Air fresheners I have seen patients have are the cardboard ones which you put in your car, it’s never really been a big thing on the ward, there is one off our patients who has a spray Freshener just uses it for his bed room then hands it back in. Moorlands View