Created by Marvin Isaac  

The game is called ‘Who am I?”- It’s based on Guess Who, but using black icons from history- from sports people, musicians to civil rights activist. Marvin Isaac stated he hopes the game can be used as an educational tool and can spark discussions and learning around culture and black history.

‘I was thinking in a creative space group how to promote more black history in schools and colleges as we only learn about the Romans and the bronze age and stone age. We don’t really hear about black history and how important these people are.’

‘I think it is important because we need role models and this shows that a lot of people have got integrity and determination. It proves that you can become anything you want irrelevant of the colour of your skin.’

‘There are a few things we need to add to the game- for example getting some dice and a rule book, and I will continue working on this. I would like to make a prototype for different wards and then eventually make copies to donate community centres or schools.’