Have a look and see how Stockton Hall Hospital Priory have celebrated Pride in 2021!

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Here is our next submission – have a look and see how Stockton Hall Hospital Priory Stockton Hall – Medium Secure Care Service | Priory Group celebrated Pride 2021!

This month we launched our first LGBT+ group and have run it every week to celebrate pride month. The group ran for 6 weeks as part of the Recovery College and has now moved to a monthly slot. It is an open group which is advertised through community meetings and Service User Involvement as well as posters. Uptake has been slow but we are producing a leaflet based on the presentation and will look to hold future awareness mornings and develop the group into a regular part of the hospital.

Whilst there hasn’t been a great uptake for this it has allowed us to start talking about Pride and LGBT+ to patients who want to talk about it or those who openly express how “it’s not for them” .

There was a presentation for this and we are looking to produce a leaflet if the interest remains. Either way we will run the meeting once a month as a safe space for those that wish to attend.

We also ran an awareness coffee morning in the shop selling cakes and drinks with the proceeds going to the MIND OUT charity.

There has been a little anxiety over what attending the group will look like to peers and what implications it may have on the wards so we are aware of more people that would attend but haven’t as yet.

The coffee morning in the shop went well and raised a little money for charity so those could be used in the future too.

We’ve also had feedback that the name (LGBT+) could be putting people off coming so we are having a think about how to rename the group without removing the identity of the group itself.