The balls now in your court... 

Dominic Welburn, introduction blog.

By Dominic Welburn

Hi everyone,

I never know where to start with these things, but here we go…

I have recently Joined the Involvement Network as an Involvement and Engagement Co-ordinator working primarily in CAHMS & Adult eating disorders across Humber and North Yorkshire. However, if this is not your remit, I’m sure our paths will cross at some point (or at least, I hope so just look out for me at any of the Network events)!

It’s been great to join the Involvement Network and I have been welcomed with open arms! I’ve managed to meet so many of you at recent events. Such as Welly Fest (I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did)!

My last employer was the Tigers Trust, it is a charity arm to the Hull City football Club. The Tigers Trust gave me so many opportunities as I was employed there for around 8 years. In that time, I met so many great people and had so many wonderful experiences. I couldn’t speak highly enough of them, and I hope that we can replicate these types of experiences in the future.

Prior experiences have been through sports participation… from a young age I have been extremely competitive around two sports… football and table tennis. With the latter being among my deepest passions as getting a bat in my hand, with a partner and a table, has enabled me to get lost in some sort of rhythm since I was 9 years old. Yes, I played table tennis extremely seriously as a child but unfortunately stopped around 16. Nevertheless, this has been recently rekindled in the past year as I’m back playing and actually competing again! I am competing with many of the players that I played with at the age of 9 (which goes to show you don’t lose it).  

Anyway, I found that re-emerging onto the table tennis scene has really helped me be grateful for that time in my childhood and it’s been great so far. On that note, I challenge you to think of a time/place/participation that made you happy and hang onto to it as I’d love to hear about it in the future. Additionally, past getting back at table tennis again much of my time is taken up with my family, going to the gym or some form of fitness and football when I get chance (it’s definitely once in a blue moon nowadays)! Also, walks with my dog are the best, and wherever that takes us! Or, when she doesn’t take off that is!

To finish up a time that I will always remember is when I got the opportunity to attend Buckingham palace as a young ambassador for the Prince’s Trust. Where I got to spend time around people like Jermain Defoe and King Charles. This was definitely a time I hold dear, and when I put my name forward with no expectation. That ambassador role gave me so many experiences and I met so many different people and yet I remember how lost I felt throughout it all!

It’s been great reflecting and talking to you and I look forward to meeting you in person! I have to ask one favour and that’s if you got this far – you have to come and tell me when you see me! I’d love to hear your story?

Thank you for reading! Dominic.